Treasure Wise Metal Detecting accessory starter kit

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Treasure Wise

Metal Detecting accessory starter kit


All you need to get up and running with your metal detector.


Kit includes,


Treasure Wise Headphones

Made especially for metal detectors.

This is the most important accessory you can purhase to enhance your metal detecting experience.
Headphones extend battery life and help you hear fainter deeper targets.

How?  They block out background noise.

These have a coiled cord, adjustable individual volume controls, a stereo/mono switch and an adjustable comfortable headband


Treasure Padded Carry Bag

Most detectors will fit in this bag without taking off the coil, including the Minelab CTX 3030 This padded, heavy-duty water-resistant black cordura bag has ample room for your metal detector without having to break your detector down. The wider coil end has room to fit most Large size coils. It also has a Large zippered side pocket for your treasure hunting accessories. This full zippered padded bag with carrying straps and Treasue Wise Logo offers great protection when storing or transporting your detector. approx 53” long


Treasure Wise Finds Pouch

Treasure wise Recovery pouch is Built with tough heavy-duty Nylon material that's water resistant. It has Two sections allow you separate the good finds from the trash with Velcro on the top middle section inside to keep the pouch closed. 
This pouch features a heavy adjustable belt for mounting around your waist with a simple snap buckle system. 
The Pouch size is about 8" Long x 9" High and 4" Wide


Treasure Digging tool

Metal detecting digging trowel
Indestructible saber tooth trowel by Treasure Wise
Sharp edge and serrated edges on both sides makes this the perfect retrieval tool, plus made to last a lifetime.
Overall length 12"
Handle 4-3/4" (blue or black in color)
Blade 7-1/4"



(No reviews yet) Write a Review