Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal detector w/10" coil

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W/10" COIL


  • The Fisher Gold Bug, the predecessor to the Gold Bug 2, was designed and engineered by Fisher engineers from the ground up for the sole purpose of finding deep, small, and large gold nuggets in highly mineralized soil. Almost overnight, the Gold Bug became the standard against which all other gold-hunting detectors were compared.


    The next generation Gold Bug, the Gold Bug 2, is not meant to be a replacement for the original Gold Bug. The Gold Bug 2 offers many of the successful features of the Gold Bug as well as some new features, making it a distinctly different detector, but still designed for the sole purpose of finding gold nuggets. The first and foremost of these new features is the operating frequency of the Gold Bug 2 (71 kHz). This ultra-high operating frequency is extremely sensitive to small gold nuggets, and it also offers a side benefit. Because the Gold Bug 2 operates at a different frequency, it can be operated near an original Gold Bug without interference.


    A new mineralization switch on the Gold Bug 2 can be set for high, normal and low mineralization ground conditions. When set for high mineralization, this new circuitry allows prospectors to hunt in areas previously off-limits due to high ground mineralization or numerous hot rocks. Although the original Gold Bug is known for finding small nuggets in highly mineralized soil, the Gold Bug 2 will set new standards for both size and depth under many soil conditions.


    Iron discrimination is another new feature. In the IRON DISC Mode, you can identify hot rocks and small trash items like iron nails and other ferrous trash before digging them. Use this mode in extremely trashy areas to check a target for its iron content.



    • Extreme Sensitivity to Small Gold Nuggets
    • High Precision Dual-Control Ground Balance Iron Disc Mode for Iron & Hot Rock Rejection
    • Deep Target Audio Boost
    • Lightweight, Hip-Mountable
    • 6 ½” Elliptical Search Coils
    • Operating Frequency: 71 kHz



    • Length
      • Extended 53”
      • Collapsed 40”
    • Weight
      • Complete 2.9 lbs.
      • Control Housing 1.0 lbs.
      • Handle and Coil 1.9 lbs.
    • Frequency
      • LF Search 71.01 kHz
      • Response (V.C.O.)
    • Operating Modes
      • All Metal Auto-Tune (Normal)
      • All Metal Auto-Tune (Audio Boost)
      • Iron Discrimination
    • Mineralization Settings
      • High Mineral (attenuated, fast Auto-Tune)
      • Normal Mineral (fast Auto-Tune)
      • Low Mineral (gain boosted, slow Auto-Tune)


    • Ground Adjustment
      • Manual, 16-turn, vernier dual-shaft,precision potentiometer
    • Control Housing
      • Dust, Moisture Resistant
    • Audio Output
      • Speaker 2” Moisture Resistant
      • Headphone Jack 1/4” stereo/mono
    • Manual Threshold Tuning
      • Located on rear of housing, effective in All Metal, Auto-Tune Mode
    • Searchcoils and Covers
      • Elliptical, 10” coil,


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review